Tips for learning Scrabble words

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There are almost 130,000 two to eight letter words in the scrabble word list. Very few Scrabble enthusiasts have the time or the will to try and learn all the letters. The two and three-letter Scrabble words which are sometimes referred to as Scrabble cheat when used, the four letter words as extensions of threes and those using awkward letter combinations, the J Q X Z words, the vowel-heavy words, the most probable seven and eight letter words (bonus words). Here are my top word tips to help you learn words for better Scrabble playing.

First move application

Practice spotting words which you have been taught by drawing suitable letters and seeing if you can spot them on the first move. For example, for JQXZ words take JQXZ and a U for the Q out of the bag. Pick six letters at random and see if you can spot a word that poses the JQX or Z on a double letter square as a first move. Repeat with a fresh set of 6 letters and so on.

Collect short lists

Keep the lists you are trying to learn very tiny and significant, so you build up a lot of small lists instead of one lengthy unwieldy one, Scrabble help websites also suggest a list of these short words. So rather than set out to learn all fours, you may pay attention to those with a V, and if you remove all those that have an E and S (the type of letters you would like to keep back) there are only 73 to learn.


Check for words that you can bring together with similar patterns then you will find those nuggets of vocabulary will glue in the mind better, in case you are not able to use Scrabble word finder. For example, the following three letter words can all have any of A, E, I or O as an end clip: CAM CAP DIV LOT MAN ROT SOL TOR. For example, BOOGIE, NOOGIE, SOOGIE is all valid as are their plurals.

Scrabble Word Tips

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If you have played Scrabble with your friends, family or in any competitive environment, you have definitely come across a few words that make no sense to you but are still included in the official Scrabble dictionaries such as the World English-language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA) or the North American counterpart Collins Official Scrabble Words (CSW). Often termed as the Scrabble ‘bible’, these are regularly updated to add new valid words from 2-15 letters in length.

It is nearly impossible to memorize all the words in these books and it is your job to come up with the optimal solution to each problem faced during the game. You can find new words using the Scrabble word finder and optimally train your brain to add more words to your dictionary. You can also visit a lot of Scrabble help websites available online to learn new tips and tricks for efficiently adding more words to your repertoire.

Another topic of discussion amongst players is that if the players should know the definitions of the words they are playing. It is a tedious enough job to learn the thousands of words in the Scrabble ‘bible’ and there is no need to learn the definitions of each and every word. There is no rule that insists the player to recall the definition of the word being used/formed on the board. Some might even label you as a Scrabble cheat for using unknown words but as long as they are on the official dictionary, you are good to go.

Another question that pops up while discussing Scrabble is how to determine what word is allowed and what word is not? For example, with the addition of “s” or “es”, a single noun can be transformed into the plural form of the word even though it is not mentioned in the official dictionary. Adjectives with one syllable can also be transformed into the comparative and superlative form with the addition of “er” or “est”.

These are the basic word tips one must keep in mind when attempting to learn Scrabble professionally.

Scrabble and the High Value Letters

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Scrabble is a mind game and a board game that requires you to have the highest score in order to emerge the winner. There are various word tips and tricks to choose from when learning the game and becoming the champion. One of the most important things to understand and master is the use of the high value letters. There are certain letters that are considered highest pointers but it’s not enough to have them on your racks. Do you know how to strategically use those high value letters?

Scrabble Word Finder for High-Scoring Letters

Finding the best word for your high value letters is the challenge that you need to face when playing the game. Everybody is enthused when getting the big letters such as J, Q, Z, and X. The only problem is that they do not know how to strategically boost the value of these letters on the board, much less form a word with them. Your main focus is to build a word if you have any of these letters, concentrating on the bonus squares so that you can multiply your scores big time.

Big Letters + Bonus Squares = High Scores

This is just the equation that you need to remember when on your first Scrabble matches. There are tricks that provide effective Scrabble help especially in maximizing the letters and not putting them to waste. Find vowels and match them with the high pointers to form words. Even two-letters words with these letters in them are sure winners. For instance for words with q and z, you can whip up words such as ZA, AX, OX, QI, JO, XU, EX, AND XI and place them on the bonus square.

Scrabble cheat on high value letters is the first step towards the best Scrabble game you would ever play. Check them out!